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Tree Pose

I am a tree.
I am crimson leaves. 
(Parts of me fall with the wind of your intention.)
My wish disintegrates into earth, wish washed away,

Into the know,

Into soil I carry in my pockets to remind me of home. 
I am a tree.
I am the roots reaching,
Burgeoning prayers that claw through rich ground and fervently bow down

With each new breath. 
I am thankful, 
I am a whole. 

Tree Pose 

1. Stand tall as you ground through the sole of your left foot. Engage the entire left leg. 
2. Reach down for your right ankle and place the right sole of your foot onto your inner left thigh. (Modify this by placing your foot lower on your left leg, shin or ankle, but not against your knee.) 
3. Draw your tailbone down, lengthen through your spine, and press the right sole into your thigh as you simultaneously activate the muscles in your left leg. 
4. With a soft but focused gaze, draw your hands to prayer at your heart center (Anjali Mudra). Inhale and exhale with mindfulness. 
5. Hold for 30 seconds to a few minutes, release out, and try the same on the other side.