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Morning Ritual

So, in the morning, the baby is crying to be fed, my 3 year-old is shouting that the bunny from his alarm clock has woken up, therefore implying that he too should be allowed out of his room to start the day (immediately!), my 18-month-old daughter is often crying out for Daddy, the dog is barking to be let out, my husband is rushing to take a shower to get out of the house to work on time, and it is super easy for me to, immediately upon waking, feel completely overwhelmed and stressed. And it is super easy to say negative things internally or out-loud that can shape the course of the morning and then jade the rest of the day.  

Yet, I have a choice. I can choose to wake up differently.

If I take just a moment in bed, before moving, to say thank you (thank you for another day; for my breath; for my family; for this life) my day will be so much better and that is a self-proven fact.

It is all about how I view the situation. If I tell myself that it is hard, then it will be hard. If I tell myself that it is overwhelming, then it will be overwhelming. But if I tell myself that I am peaceful and loved, supported and blessed, then I will begin to face the day with radiance and light. Nothing will get me down because I can see it differently.

And you can see it differently too. So, tomorrow morning, before you jolt out of bed, pause there just long enough for a few deep breaths, for a few words of gratitude, for a few positive affirmations, and see the change. Make this your new morning ritual. 

"Perception is a choice and not a fact." ACIM